How to Choose an Effective Multivitamin


Choose your multivitamin carefully, or it may cause more harm than good! Approximately 40% of the population take multivitamins; unfortunately, a large portion of those people are receiving little to no benefit from it. Three recent large scale studies revealed most multivitamins are completely ineffective, and some are actually dangerous – causing harm to the […]

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Goji Berries (What They Are and Why You Should Be Eating Them)

goji berries

Goji, pronounced “go-gee” is a berry that grows on the Lycium plant which is native to Asia. Goji has a long history of use in traditional Chinese Medicine as an herbal remedy for a variety of health promoting purposes. It has gained recent popularity in North America where it has rightfully earned the title“super-fruit.” Nutritional […]

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